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Warning Scott Barak Abraham

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Old May 28th 17, 03:33 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
external usenet poster
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Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

On Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 12:19:06 AM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:
On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 8:41:24 PM UTC-7, Ted Waldron wrote:
On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 7:30:55 PM UTC-7, Jay Pique wrote:

Ah, the infamous Carl and Anna flame war, where Scooter's emails saying he loved Anna were revealed.

Actually, didn't say I loved the skank, but I trusted her, which was a bi

Yes you did, Schattie. You posted your love letters to her right here in RSA:

Dear Anna:
I'm not sure if I'll send this. Something tells me that the pain is too
fresh, the anger too hot, the disappointment too raw.
We'll see when I finish.
Right at the moment, I am so disappointed in you.
And I can't say I didn't see this bull**** coming, and I sure as hell
tried to head it off. And while I know damn well that it has little or
nothing to do with me, other than the fact that I've actually loved you
quite well, that does not help me at the moment. I'm very sad. I'm
very frustrated. I feel like an idiot. I've been down this road
before, and there is no way to win other than to back up and head in a
different direction and damn it, I don't want to say good-bye to you. I
love you. I've thoroughly enjoyed having you in my life both as a lover
and as a friend, and if there were any healthy way around this, I'd
stick around.
But I don't think I have much of a choice.
I refuse to join your friendly ex-lovers who collude in these delusions.
Rather than keep quiet and maintain contact, I'm gonna call you on your
dynamic: you've been passing out far too much pain lately to people who
didn't deserve to get hurt. You knifed each of us the same damn way.
The only reason I'm still talking to you is that I don't think there was
conscious intent, but passive-agressive venting of repressed anger hurts
damn near as much as getting deliberately kicked in the balls.
But you nailed the ex with Scott, you nailed Scott with Joseph, you
nailed Joseph with me (irrespective of whether he knows yet or not-he
will), you just got me with both Joseph and Carl, not to mention the ex
with me and Joseph, and Joseph with Carl. You always have another
waiting in the wings, always let the last know about your perfidy, and
always act the innocent. But innocent you are not, Anna. I wouldn't be
bothering to rip a strip off you if I did not trust in your essential
goodness, but that does not mean you do not have a dark side, and a dark
side that you do not control.
Three straight internet relationships with middle aged men. A long
distance unofficial engagement with a man who doesn't even bother to
call you. Jumping right out of a marriage into the arms of your exes
friend. Right to Joseph. Right to me for a minute. Is there a pattern
It's my own damn fault for ignoring the warning signs, could you at
least have
the grace to honor how I feel about you, and to treat me with a bit more
consideration for my feelings about how I am being so casually
I didn't abandon you, Anna. I can;t make it up to you. And I can't be
your shrink, though I highly recomend that you go to one and start doing
daddy work. Hell, I just booked in a couple of sessions. I
think I see what garden path to the past I've just led myself down, but
I want to make damn sure, because next time I see this **** coming, I'm
ducking. There is progress. I saw the hole, but kept on walking. Next
time I see the hole, I'm taking a different street.
I told Gail yesterday that I doubted that I would ever see you again-and
predicted your Vail trip (which you have been actively planning while
leaving the impression that coming to Whistler was a possibility held up
only by finances.) You lied to me, Anna, and I don't appreciate it. I
don't appreciate your dishonesty regarding your relationship with Carl,
either, and if I had known the extent of your negotiations and
flirtations, I would have canceled the Banff trip. (your intent is also
very suspect)
I don't like being used, and I feel very exploited at the moment.
I don't like being lied to, either.
I sure as hell don't like being summarily dumped, especially after what
I considered to be one of the most delightful five days I've ever spent
with a woman, especially after I busted my ass to treat you well.
I don't appreciate your reasons for separation, either. You began the
sexualization of this relationship, actively encouraged my interest,
maintained and nurtured a sexualization, willingly ****ed, and now you
have the gall to condemn me for not reading your mind? I'll tell you
what really gets weary, Anna: trying to read someone's mind. Trying to
keep up with the ebb and flow of your confusion. If you didn't clearly
state your feelings, and you did not, you have no right to blame me for
your confusion, and no right to blame me for following and acting upon
my clearly
stated feelings. You said, "You never asked me how I felt."
Anna, that is your responsibility, not mine, and as you destroy whatever
it is that we had, find another excuse for the execution.
I was upfront the entire time-I would deal with you as a platonic friend
if you wished, but I wanted sex as a part of the relationship. I did so
with your encouragement and enthusiastic approval-when you weren't
flopping to the other position. I did not waffle on that statement. To
castigate me now for doing so is disingenuous. It is neither fair or
honest. It is a way for you to disown your own decisions, and to
deflect the blame for the way you are acting to me.
Do your own dirty work, Anna.
Just tell me you don't want me.
Don't blame it on the way I've treated you, because I have treated you
exceptionally well, and I do not appreciate having that effort trashed
so you can justify your own emotional irresponsibility.

Damn it, Anna, I can't help the fact that I'm not your father.
I'm not sorry that I love you, or that I loved you very well.
I don't regret a minute of it, for you are a very lovable person.
I don't regret making love with you. And I doubt very much that I'm
going to regret sending this note.
I knew damn well that if I gave you a real intimacy, if I truly loved
you as best I was able, you were going to run. You were going to
denigrate what was given, how it was given, why it was given, and use
the most minute flaws and faults you can find to justify your actions.
I knew damn well you'd be going to Vail (an apt metaphor, considering
how you and I met).
If Joseph actually shows up and offers anything approaching a real
relationship, I predict you'll destroy that, also. You are acting in
ways that
are beyond your consciousness. If you truly do love him, if you truly
do wan
Because none of us can fill that hole inside.
Course, I could be wrong. Predicted every damn move so far, but could
be wrong. For your sake, it would be nice to be wrong. I really do
wish the best for you, a happy and generative life.
But unless you decide to get off your own merry go round, my dear,
you're not going to have it, and I do not see you doing that.
I see the same old ****, the same patterns of behavior.

Let it sit for a while. Read it. Gonna send it. Hope I'm doing the
right thing. Take some of the anger with a grain of salt, as it has
some to do with you and everything to do with a long ignominious history
of betrayal. Yet I am angry, Anna, angry that you lacked the insight
and courage to avoid this, angry I could not control it, angry because
I'm watching one hell of a woman walk out of my life and I can't stop
you, angry because I let my needs overwhelm my good sense, angry because
I let you matter to me.
For I do love you. And I'd sure like to be around to know the woman who
is going to come out of all this, but I cannot and will not still my
You are powerful, you know. Bright, sharp, funny, and very cute to
boot, with a solid heart. Doesn't mean you can't kick ass, though, as I
am very aware.
I do believe in you. Seems like all of your exes believe in you. But
right now, I can't be with you.
I care too much. I am too vulnerable. I can't take this rejection and
hostility with equanimity and pretend that I do not hurt.
It is too late for me to stop the inevitable, and I was deluding myself
when I tried.
So now I am paying the price, and I hurt enough. I don't think you can
stop yourself from destroying what little is left, and I don't think you
are able to repair the damage at this time. I hope you will be able to
do so some time in the future. I love you deeply and I shall always be
your friend.
From a distance. For now.

I will miss you immensely. I will miss your voice, your e-mails, your
calls, your friendship, your lusty sexuality, your care and your love.
It's been a hell of a good ride, however fantastical it was, and I
relished it.
I always make the joke that the ultimate aphrodisiac is for women is not
money, but potential: I find myself somewhat chagrined to be left
holding that particular bag. Henry Higgins was a fool, and so am I.
But if this is to be the last time I write you, I want to end with love,
with my belief in you, with my thanks for the joy you once brought to my
You were exactly what I needed, and now it is time for you to go, and
time for me to take these lessons and move on.
God, I hate these moments. It is so hard to be graceful.
So send me a check when you get around to it. Still no hurry: I believe
your conscious intent is to be a friend. E-mail me if you wish. Pick
up the phone and call. But don't expect me to be emotionally available
for you.
I'll do the best to be a friend, but only on my terms. No restrictions
on what I say. Irrevocable permission to yank your chain if I think you
need it (the reverse is naturally true-you've had it for some time). If
you don't want to hear what I have to say, if you wish to maintain your
current state of personal awareness without challenge, don't call. Go
away and stay away. Because while I might be willing to bear a bit of
pain in your namev (and I think I might twinge for quite some time, as I
do still want you), it will only be if I think you are growing and
expanding as a result: I won't do it just to maintain connection.
If you choose to grow, and think I might be able to help, there will
always be a welcome ear, a warm place by my fire, and a doggie to
Don't damn me, Anna, for loving you, for believing in you, for wanting
you. You may not be ready yet, and neither may I, but it sure was good
while it lasted, and I am thankful for the gift of knowing you.
Whatever happens, whatever you decide, know that I took the time and
effort to try to get to know you, looked upon your soul, and cherished
what I found. Delighted in what I found. Loved what I found.

Old May 29th 17, 12:47 AM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Armin H
external usenet poster
Posts: 2
Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

Snort, chuckle, bwahaha. Eviel Dewar for the win!
Now dance some more for us TwoBhudda a.k.a MonkeyBoi.

Vail: Where losers steal their taglines while they pine for their true love.
Old May 29th 17, 04:12 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
external usenet poster
Posts: 372
Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

On Monday, May 29, 2017 at 12:33:53 AM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:

Holy ****. You pathetic freaks have to go back over ****ing twenty years to try and find some supposed dirt, which I find mildly amusing, and you call that a win? Wasting hours of your time google stalking, while none of you

Trunk ****ula, I didn't have to spend ANY time on it. Back when you posted all this stuff, I saved it to a file, because it was the most spectacular act of social self-immolation I had ever seen, and I wanted a record of it. Morbid of me I know. The file was called "losers". I still have it.
Old May 29th 17, 07:17 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
external usenet poster
Posts: 372
Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

On Monday, May 29, 2017 at 12:41:38 PM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:

Holy ****. You really are that obsessed, aren't you? Truly one of the sickest, most cowardly, most deranged assholes ever to post here.

Schattie, in the words of the famous song, I was "an innocent bystander, suddenly dumbstruck".
Old May 30th 17, 01:32 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
external usenet poster
Posts: 372
Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

On Sunday, May 28, 2017 at 5:08:17 PM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:

Damn. Forgot. Thanks, shows what a **** she is. Another stalking wack job hiding in anonymity taking cheap shots. Where ya been hiding, Pussy Jail time?
Thanks for reminding me that Anna Dewitt Norcross was a psychopathic con artist and predator. She fooled me. Damn, I was dumb back in those days. Oh, well, we live in learn, and I am delighted you gave me the opportunity to remember what a vile, disgusting, thieving **** she is.

Schattie, I notice a similarity in the names of the women you're obsessed with: Anna, Stephana, Anthea. Could it be that what you unconsciously desire is not actually a woman, but an "ana", or "anal" - that is, a homosexual relationship?

Old May 30th 17, 05:25 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
external usenet poster
Posts: 372
Default Warning Scott Barak Abraham

I found Carl and Anna with my NSA-level cyber-searching superpowers. They're still happily married and are now living in [REDACTED]. I remember finding her posts pretty annoying to the extent I paid attention to them, but I'm glad she's doing well. All's well that ends well, I always say!

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