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James Arthur Strohm goes seriously bat**** crazy.

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Old March 21st 19, 02:19 PM posted to rec.skiing.alpine
Eviel Dewar
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Default James Arthur Strohm goes seriously bat**** crazy.

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 5:29:00 PM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:
On Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 9:44:46 AM UTC-8, Scott Abraham wrote:
On Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 8:30:10 PM UTC-8, Scott Abraham wrote:
On Saturday, December 29, 2018 at 8:46:37 PM UTC-8, Scott Abraham wrote:
This needs its own thread, so I can refer to the insane stalking cowardice of this bat**** crazy transvestite on a regular basis.

The incredibly dishonest pathological liar, psychopath, and gun toting stalker James Arthur Strohm got his bluff called:
On Saturday, December 29, 2018 at 7:04:51 PM UTC-8, wrote:
On Saturday, December 29, 2018 at 5:57:25 PM UTC-6, Scott Abraham wrote:
Just wanted to point out that it has been six months or so since James Arthur Strohm posted a whole bunch of outrageous, provable lies, got busted, and went into hiding again. Like his idol Donald Trump, when exposed for the pathetic lying piece of **** he is, he either continues to tell the same lies, double down, or ignores being busted. He still hasn't come up with an explanation for the infamous red leather skirt tranny sockpuppet he invented.
What SCUM!!!! How laughable How typical of James Arthur Strohm.

Scott, you are so predictable. SOOO predictable.

Not as predictable as you, though I have to admit you admitting to being a crossdressing transvestite was a surprise.

So predictable, in fact, that I was able to create a sock that you put on your thingie and started to ... well, I guess you finished before you got on your motorcycle to ride to the gay bar I mentioned so you could try to meet the hottest woman you'd ever heard of.

Holy ****, you pathetic idiot, I didn't waste my time and wouldn't waste my time. How embarassing for you to call yourself "hot" when you would have been the ugliest tranny I ever saw, and most of them are fuglier than Kerrison. Which takes some doing.

How do I know that you wanted a unicorn in a red leather miniskirt?

Actually, you didn't know it because I don't and never have. Fascinating. You describe yourself as a unicorn, whereas I just think you are a deranged asshole.

Because I've been watching your rather embarrassing misogynistic performances here since the 1990s when you started cyberstalking me.

Holy ****. Do you know you are lying, freak? Holy ****, do you really believe thinking a fugly, deranged tranny is an asshole makes me misogynistic? Normally it is feminazis using that tactic, but I'm not surprised that a tranny thinks calling him on his bull**** is misogynistic.

Lucky for you, Texas law enforcement agencies are historically rather ineffective at prosecuting cyberstalking.

Anybody gets prosecuted, it would be you. Idiot. They've already blown you off, you've already lied about it several times, you even went to the extreme of providing a false case number. PLEASE report me. PLEASE!!!!
As for being a paranoid nutjob, tell me if you thought I was stalking you when you pulled a gun on an innocent man and got arrested. PLEASE!!!!!!

However, Scott, since you've been trolling with your unsolicited "still waiting" posts since last May, those posts demonstrate a long-term and continuing pattern of you stalking me.

Clue time, you pathetic asshole. Calling you on your bull**** is not stalking. Now if I was lying and defaming and encouraging others to do violence, that might be construed as stalking. But all I do is call you out, and all you do is keep lying, defaming, and making up false allegations.

Here's the thing: I was in Santa Fe on the Plaza in the first week of May, on the day you set to meet. The Plaza was crowded, but not crowded by what I'm used to in Austin on "Dirty Sixth" on a big holiday. I didn't see you. You wouldn't have seen me, because I'm not a tall fatso like you and I'm only visible when I want to be seen.

Translation: either you were hiding, not wearing your red leather skirt, or you weren't there. Three lies. Plaza was ****ing packed, jammed full of people, and I know it because I was there.

I can't say you weren't there, but I can say I didn't see you, and you stick out of a crowd like a big cucumber in a basket of strawberries.

Or a fugly tranny in a red leather skirt.

You still owe me about $200 for gasoline to Santa Fe and back, but I'm going to write that off to your regrettable and perennial lameness.


So here's the deal, Scott, and your reply to this message shows that you have read and fully understood what I'm saying right now:

I now order you to cease and desist from making any or all remarks about me in this venue or in any other venue, whether online or in any other medium, for the next 20 years starting from the time and date certain of 29 December 2018 (9 p.m. Austin TX time, Central Standard time) until the same time on 29 December 2038.

Go **** yourself, freak.

Any remark you make about me in any venue, whether electronic, in print, spoken, or other, shall be regarded as an offense of stalking, cyberstalking, defamation, libel, or other crime or tort, and you will be subject to prosecution or civil recourse under the fullest extent of applicable law.


Are you still living on Palatine? Because I plan to mail you a notice to this effect via certified mail. Please do us both a favor and sign for it, so I don't need to hire a summons server in King County to deliver the message.

Hilarious!!!! Who do you think you are, Donald Trump? GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
Bluff called, pussy. Just like I called your bluff in Santa Fe and all of your bluffs for the last twenty years.

Your best action now is to NEVER mention my name again. That should not be to difficult for you to do.

You just guaranteed I will do it on a regular basis.

Happy new year

Go **** yourself some more in the new year,

Scott Abraham

Still waiting......

Still waiting.....

Still waiting......

Just like Bert is still waiting for you to retract your defamatory claims that he has dementia.

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