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Robert Stevahn
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On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 15:25:50 -0600, Neil Gendzwill

That's quite the radical duck stance. I really can't comment too much
on the duck thing as I don't do it and it just doesn't look functional
to me for the sort of riding I like to do. But there's lots of good
riders who make duck work for them so I've given up on being overly
critical of it.

If you look at the team pages of the various vendors, you'll find the
vast majority of park/pipe riders with a duck stance. I'm
experimenting with it now and enjoying it. Changing from 30/20 to
27/-3 or 24/-6 has given me more confidence somehow. In particular, I
have an easier time transitioning to toe-side turns.

Maybe others can comment on the board itself - IIRC
some of the Rides are pretty stiff.

Not compared to a Donek, but the last time I tried a Timeless it was
certainly pretty stiff.

I wonder if Eric's board may be a bit long for moguls and tight trees.
Do you get the feeling like the board is just a little too fast for
you in these situations? I get that with my Donek Incline 160. I
demoed a Salomon ERA 158 and absolutely loved it in the steeps and
moguls, but it didn't give me the speed I like on the groomers and
flats. I do not yet know if there's a single board that will give me
both, but I'll continue my quest.

But if you've only been riding two
years I don't think it's like you're sucking because you're not doing as
well as you'd like in bumps and trees.

No kidding! This is year 6 for me and I'm just getting there, though I
started at the relatively advanced age of 39 and have to be a little
cautious with the aging body.

-- Robert