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Neil Gendzwill
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Eric wrote:

I don't think I'm solely looking for technical tips, I'm more
interested to see what kind of riding the users of this forum
enjoy...maybe to gain a little direction from other's experiences.

I like any sort of riding that's not in the park, especially bumps and
steeps, often combined. I'm usually the only snowboarder anywhere near
the steep bump runs. My normal ride is an all-mountain alpine board
with 45/40 angles and hard boots, and this year I added a Tanker 200
which I ride at a little lower angles.

Does anything about my setup blatantly suggest I'll have problems
attempting to tackle either of these aspects of my riding?

That's quite the radical duck stance. I really can't comment too much
on the duck thing as I don't do it and it just doesn't look functional
to me for the sort of riding I like to do. But there's lots of good
riders who make duck work for them so I've given up on being overly
critical of it. Maybe others can comment on the board itself - IIRC
some of the Rides are pretty stiff. But if you've only been riding two
years I don't think it's like you're sucking because you're not doing as
well as you'd like in bumps and trees.