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Robert Stevahn
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On 25 Feb 2005 12:07:08 -0800, "Eric" wrote:

My question is, what next? What should I work on?

What do you want to do, ultimately?

If you want to get good at moguls, about all I can suggest is
practice. You'll eventually stumble upon "finding a rhythm", which is
what moguls are all about. Look where you're going, but try to have
your next couple of turns planned at all times. This can be
frustrating, but eventually it'll click. I'm not reliable yet, but
I've made definite progress this year.

I think riding switch is also an important advanced ability, if for no
other reason than when you get into trouble -- and you will if you're
adventurous -- you'll have a much better chance of getting out of
trouble. Ultimately, no matter which way you might be thrown, you'll
have the skill to ride it out.

Needless to say, if you want to start spinning, riding switch is a

Around here, that choppy stuff is frequently referred to as "crud".

-- Robert