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Default Best Deals for Marriotts Timber Lodge or Embassy Suites Tahoe

pigo wrote:
On Nov 8, 3:28 pm, "W" wrote:
Where are you likely to find the best offers for any hotels near the
Heavenly Gondola near Nevada stateline in South Lake Tahoe? Mariotts has
locations on either side of the lift. I believe Embassy Suites is nice and
is next door as well.

I've seen the offers on Expedia, but just want to know if there are better
offers out there.


That's a nice ES. But there are tons of places across the street on
the lake side on those side streets that are practically as close and
I'm sure a fraction of the cost. So if you are looking for a deal, I'd
try one of those. If you are looking for something as nice as the ES,
you're going to have to pay for it.

You can always convince the casinos you're going to drop a couple thou
at the tables - they'll comp you a nice room...

Or, if skiing is actually why you're visiting, try the north shore; 7
not to be missed mountains to the south's two, plus less crowding and
you're not donating your money to keeping Vail Inc afloat.

If you're determined to ski south, try the 100 or so nearby mom an pop
motels - much much better karma than a chain operation. The web is your