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Default Boot Info and Basic Tuning Needed

"Nick" wrote in message
This is my first time posting to this group. I have been skiing for
years, but I never had decent equipment until last season. I finally

away my old Rossignol Quantum's (the guy at the ski shop said that they

so old they were a liability). I gave in, knowing it was time to let go.

wound up buying a pair of Volkl EnergY's and Nordica Boots.

Question 1
On the Nordica boots, they are F8's with the "Slide In" Feature. Once

foot is in the boot there is a big Gray piece of plastic attached to the
outside of the boot that wraps around the front of the foot. Is it

to go "Directly" under the plastic on the other side or should it fit

the second piece of plastic on the same side? Make Sense? If not check

the pictures and let me know if it shoudl be Pic 1 or Pic 2. In Pic 2
notice the wear that the plastic piece causes if in the other position

1). Click on either picture to enlarge.

Question 2:
I want to maintain my skis as best I can. I bought a Gummi Stone and an
Swix Edger.

What is the best way to use the Stone and edger? Should I take the stone
and lay it along the side of the ski and move it up and down along the
"Dinged" areas. Should I Lay it on the base?

For the edger, what results should I expect? SHould I get a razor edge or
just a clean edge? I tried a run through on my old Rossi's but didnt get
too much of a result.

Also, What is the easiest way to tell the bevel angle on my skis. I

them new from a shop and told them I am an intermediate skill and will be
skiing on the east coast on mostly hard snow.
This description is pointing to a 2 degree bevel but I want to make sure

that I use the correct setting on the edger. I called the shop to see if
the same guy was there, hoping I could see what he would have used but he
was not there.

Thanks for taking the time to read


The stone and edger are mainly only to remove burrs. You just go over the
edges very gently Nick. You don't use it like a file really. The face of the
tool works the side edge and the bottom edge, but be careful, the bevel
relative to the ski structure can vary.
Check your ski manufacturer, some edges are 89 degrees and some are 88 (one
degree vs 2 degrees)