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Mike Dodds wrote:
"fat_boy" wrote in message

This is true of most of Aaustria. If you dont mind yo-yo runs than OK,
but if you like more than a k vertical, then you are better off in a
cheap French resort like Risoul, which has good snow, height, and size.

When you get to my age you realise that length is not the only imporant
Austria as a skiing destination offers much more than France. If only they
German beer on tap Austria would be heaven on earth. Fortunately there are

The French Alps would be wonderful if the current custodians could only
about hospitality and manners from the Austrians. Then you'd only need to
French holidays and weekends.

Besides I speak much better German than French.



True, I much prefer Austria for ambiance, and I would go there, but
only on a last minute deal. To plan a year ahead, it just hasnt got
the snow reliability.

Regarding hospitability, I find the French OK. I do speak French so
that probably helps. Unlike most of the Germanic world that speaks
English too.