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If you are going the first or third week of January, I wouldn't worry too
much unless you want something quite specific.. it is one of the low season
periods so there will be plenty of choice and maybe even some very cheap
late deals closer to the time..

"Mike Dodds" wrote in message
Thanks Florian and AH,

I think I might take advantage of early booking discounts.


"Florian Anwander" wrote in
message ...

my experience is: Soll may be without snow in the valley but there will
be definitely snow up on the mountain in January. If there is no snow,
you won't have satisfying conditions anywhere in Tyrol.

And to comment AH: we have a nice continuous Winter this year (I am
located in Munich as AH), but it is not very unusual. I don't remember
more than one or two seasons in the last twenty years in which it was
impossible to ski down to the valley in january.


Mike Dodds wrote:

We got back from Soll just over a week ago. It was our first ski holiday
for about 10 years and a return to Soll after 25 years. The snow is
fantastic this year, as good or even better than in 1980 and 1981.

We'd like to book to go back next year, but I realise how lucky we've
been this year. What has Soll and the Skiwelt been like in recent years
when they have had to rely on artificial snow? We'd plan on going either
the first or third week in January.