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It has a very poor snow record, but, at the moment, it is doing very
well. They have put in a lot of snow cannons, but it is very low, and
if it is too warm, the canons dont work either.

Apart form that, arttifical snow is the same the world over, firm.

I would never pre book Soll. It is too risky. I would go last minute

Hmm.. I really don't know Söll, except for this year which has been
excellent but I don't think your opinion is correct on this one...Söll is
not particularly low for this part of the Alps. In fact, Söll is right near
Kitzbühel which is one of the better resorts of the world. There are only a
few resorts in this area that are much higher than 2000m which would be the
glacier resorts of Stubai and Hintertux. There are loads around 2000m -
Seefeld, Zell am See, the whole Skiwelt region which includes Söll (largest
interconnected resort in Austria), St Johann, Kitzbühel, the many resorts in
the mountains around Innsbruck etc etc.. the list just goes on.. if you are
going to say that 1800m (the height of Söll at the top) is low, then you
would have to discount almost all of Austria.

Austrian resorts are a lot lower than resorts out to the west of the Alps
but this doesn't mean that they get less snowfall. It is normally colder in
the east and reliable snow can be found most times under 1000 metres (which
certainly wouldn't be the case in France for example). I prefer this
because at least you can get some decent snow amoungst the tree's.

I was at Zell am See a few years ago, its in the same area and it was early
season and although it was quite icey at the bottom there was still a lot of
snow (at 700m). This year there has been snow lying in Munich since the
first snow at the end of November (and its snowing now).