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No list from me, use what you feel like using.
I've ridden most of Burton's high end boards, working at a shop that
sold over 300 Burtons a winter in the old daze...and knowing Laurent
from years of windsurfing.
They're fine, I'm not so into techno gear anymore in any of my
sports, as the rider is easily 90% of the equation.
My buds buy new Burtons and Nitros every season, usually only the
highest end, complain Fish is not high end enough, usually buy 4 new
boards each season, and ride about the same with any board.
I tend to like lower end boards....stronger and cheaper bases
requiring less maintainance (waxing), even thos their edges don't stay
as sharp as long.
My carving boards are full sintered and top end edges....
If you feel you ride better with something more expensive and
"higher" tech, go for it.
If you don't care, just ride and rip!