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On Jan 4, 6:52 pm, "Sean" wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with the K2 of Flow models with the
highbacks that 'flip' down? Or should I stick with conventional?

I'm a rear entry convert ;-)

I've had K2 Cinch for the last two years and for about
three years before that Flow FL11s. My experience with
Flows is therefore about 5 years out of date. I don't
think I'll go back to normal straps though, for comfort
and convenience.

The main advantage of both variations is the speed of
strapping in when you get off the lift. There may be
problems strapping in in deep powder, but that's not
something I often have the pleasure in coping with.
Also there are less problems with frozen ratchets.
They'er both a bit heavier than regular bindings

Additionally, I find that Flows are much more
comfortable than strap bindings due to the better
distribution of pressure. For this reason I'd choose
Flows over the Cinches.

The Cinches do seem to grip your foot better due to
the way they clamp down, but they have a lot of
moving parts (more to go wrong?) and they are not
as stiff. Also because they have regular straps,
they can cause foot pain/cramps like regular
bindings, but on the other hand, it's easy to
ratchet them down an extra click before you hoon
down something stupid, which is always nice.

Like everything, it's best to try before you buy,
though if you rent Flows you'll probably end up
testing the cheapest ones.