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On Jan 3, 11:09*pm, wrote:
On Jan 3, 9:34*pm, Sean wrote:

Hi All,

I have a Salomon Link with some older K2 Plasma 10 bindings that need
to be replaced. *Do any of you have any suggestions for a
replacement? *I freeride only and am looking for something that is a
little forgiving and not too rigid. *I have looked at the Flow setup
and like the in/out design but I have heard that they do not collapse
making travel a bit tough.

By "travel," do you mean in a car, or on a plane? If you detach the
strap -- something you wouldn't do in day-to-day use, but is OK for
traveling -- you can push the Flow highback down farther, making it
easier to pack and ship your board. If you don't do that, you are
correct that the Flows create larger "humps" on the board than strap
bindings. Still, I've found that they will fit through the typical
automobile trunk-rear seat pass-through.

Does anyone have any insight on who is putting out the best product?

I have the Ride SPi's, which I like a lot. Good for freeriding,
although the aluminum base is probably more rigid than some of the
plastic models available.

Joe Ramirez

Thanks for the reply, Joe. I was not sure if the highback would
collapse enough for safe transport on a plane, so you have answered my

I don't mind the aluminum base, as my K2 is same construction...but
the plasmas do have a rubber padding that has *some* damping effects
on vibrations/chatter.

I will look into the Spi line.

Anyone heard from lonerider/Arvin? Used to see his opinions here
quite often, along with Neil. This group seems to have become quiet
with the exception of the MI5 nonsense.

Thanks again,