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Default Recovery time before hitting the slopes again for a broken shoulder (glenoid fracture)

Decibel wrote in

Decibel here, posting back so anyone else searching for this type

info has some frame of reference. 2.5 months after the injury -

on the slopes for some 'light' boarding. Just crusing some gree

groomers with some buds near the end of season.

Well thats good news. My ankle is still not right but it has
been good enough to ride all the groomed stuff at decent speed.
I started doing bumped runs again about two weeks ago. Began
with the hardest 2x diamond run but the day after a 20" dump
so everything was soft (and forgiving). Did some more since
during our heat wave last week but am avoiding the ice moguls
of death we have this week (rock solid under 5" of fresh). As
long as I dont put too much shock on it or wrench it in the
boot (has happened skating) its holding up ok. Only offseason
rest will help now I think.