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Default Recovery time before hitting the slopes again for a broken shoulder (glenoid fracture)

On Sun, 02 Jan 2011 02:12:18 -0600, Decibel wrote:

3 weeks ago I had a bad wipeout on a iced-out run late in the day and
fractured my shoulder. I've had it MRI'ed, x-rayed, CT'd and was told
it will be a 6-8 week heal of the fracture, with a 2-3 month full
recovery (strength above the shoulder). Any other boarders have this
type of injury before, and were you able to do some 'light' boarding
with just the bones healed?

Decibel here, posting back so anyone else searching for this type of
info has some frame of reference. 2.5 months after the injury - back
on the slopes for some 'light' boarding. Just crusing some gree\blue
groomers with some buds near the end of season. Shoulder about 98%
both in strength and flexibility, with the expectation of 100 in a
couple more weeks.