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Default How fast is Super G?

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004 12:03:48 -0800, lal_truckee

80 mph is too high - Super G has real turns, and is intended to fill the
gap between Giant Slalom and Downhill, created when course setters
started setting tighter GS courses.

50-55 mph is closer, IMO, for SG. DH hits 70+ - maybe 80 occasionally on
some courses.

But yes, DH speeds are dam fast without a car wrapped around you.
Especially when it's your kid. Or yourself. (First time the kid AVERAGED
60mph for a downhill course we about choked.)

I just checked the results from the Kitzbuehel SG on the FIS website
and was surprised. Maximum speed attained (at the second time trap)
was 130.70kph by Didier Cuche. Rahlves only managed 129.90, but
fortunately for him, it's time, not speed, that counts. His average
speed was just under 100kph.

I also check the results for Beaver Creek and Garmisch, and Beaver
Creek showed a max measured speed of 105kph, while Garmisch showed
an average speed of 101kph. I think the reason for such high speeds
in Kitz is that the run-in to the finish is pretty straight, not much
different from the downhill, so they pick up a lot of speed on the
last few seconds of the course.

[ For the metricallly challenged, 130.7kph is 81.2mph ]