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Default snow for the Olympics

lal_truckee wrote:
On 2/10/10 7:41 PM, downhill wrote:
Is there any snow for the Olympics? I saw something fast on the news
that the half pipe had no snow.
Any information?

Apparently the alpine events are fine, great snow. For some reason they
put the goofy events (pipe, skiercross, etc) down in the flats and now
are surprised there's little natural snow.

Uhm, I'd rather ski than watch skiing. I haven't
been paying a lot of attention to the Olympics.
But this brings up a question, how can you have
a skiercross course without a hill?
I can see a pipe. It can be built, and in the
greater scheme of things, it's not all that big.
Maybe a few hundred feet long. But a skiercross?

Practically this means they must truck in hundreds of tons of snow,
which naturally once in place will trigger copious natural snowfall just
as in previous Olympics.

Yup. Well send it in from Washington, DC.