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Default RFD: create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.skiing

"Wm..." wrote in message
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 22:25:08 BrritSki

"Wm..." wrote:

Now, what were you saying about ignorance?

Just bring on the vote. 99.9999% will ignore you. I will vote NO.

It has nothing to do with who ignores me, dear

From the comments made, seems to me that this thread is more to publicise
the new ng than to obtain opinions. More of a fait accompli for the original
poster than a genuine attempt to discover what would be the best option. He
makes the point that uk. groups can be posted to, and read from anywhere.
Precisely - as can rsre. Our current forum has probably a majority of
UK-based contributors who post on a great range of subjects from the
technical to the humorous, but hardly ever off-topic. A resident group of
*experts*, some based in Europe, who contribute regularly. Rarely is a
(sensible) enquiry left unanswered. Overall this forum is one of the best
unmoderated ngs I have come across, although it could do with more traffic
at times.

A new group would be a waste of space imo. Who administrates rsre? All it
needs is a less specific name, and you have a snowsports forum for Europeans
and those interested in visiting Europe, and which is bound to have mainly
UK contributors. So what's the difference, and more importantly, what's the