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Default RFD: create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.skiing

In message , David
Off writes
Ian Spare wrote:
For anyone that's not popped over to the uk group let me give you
flavor :-) It's like RSA on a bad day

Yeah, I noticed that.

The strongest impression you get is of a bunch guys with little or
interest in Skiing or Snowsports in general who by posting RFD's etc
all over the place seem to want to establish themselves as net gods or
something :-) It's seems there's no particular initial support for
this RFD, it looks like a publicity stunt. Not to say anyone that
thinks it's a good idea shouldn't vote in favor.

oh my gawd, its

all over again.

Don't say it - some ko0ks do blanket searches for keywords like that
one, if they hear you they crosspost your group to one with lots of
their kind of activity.
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