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Default artificial snow surface for the backyard

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I would like to practice feature riding (rails, tabletops, etc.) over summer.
Since this type of riding doesn't require a lot of pitch, nor a lot of snow
(just some in front of the feature, and some at the end), I was thinking
that using some artificial snow surface would be sufficient.

I've seen it on various ski/snowboard shows, where they have a plastic
snow surface for demo purposes. Does anyone know if this stuff can be
bought somewhere? I only found one site (, but they
don't mention if they sell it.

Some hardware/gardening stores sell fake plastic grass, would that work
for this purpose? I would think it's too soft, but who knows?

Anyone tried it in their backyards?

Snowflex virtual snow by Briton engineering in UK -

US distributor:
Dieter Sturm


Never actually seen this stuff but read an article on it a while ago.
Its used for commercial indoor ski centres, not sure if you can get a
small amount for your backyard, but maybe worth a try.