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Default North Face Jackets - cleaning & restoring waterproofing??

copek wrote:
i have a North Face jacket made from their 'Hi-Vent' material.
at first it was very water proof. water beaded up and fell off.=20
great. but the first time i cleaned it, it lost all the beading and
isn't quite so waterproof anymore.


First, I use a preparatory detergent free washing solution from Nikwax =
(I'm in the UK). Then I re-wash with a reproofing solution from the =
manufacturer which is designed for breathable fabrics - it does say you =
can iron the garment to bring the beading properties back, but the =
preferred way is to machine tumble-dry the garment.

This seems to work for me, although the garment is never as good as new =
(good enough to use, though!)

p.s I have used the ironing method as well, and it *did* work for me.

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