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Default North Face Jackets - cleaning & restoring waterproofing??


i have a North Face jacket made from their 'Hi-Vent' material.

at first it was very water proof. water beaded up and fell off. great.
but the first time i cleaned it, it lost all the beading and isn't quite so
waterproof anymore.

on the NF site it gives cleaning instructions (see below). was a bit
dubious about the bit at the end recommending 'touching up with an iron' so
didn't do it. however i want to get the material working properly again.

wondered if anyone had tried the ironing it and had any sucess? does it
damage the jacket?

otherwise my plan is just to clean it again and put on some waterproofing
spray. this never lasts though.

bit gutted if my jacket becomes only water 'resistant' after one wash .... i
did wash it by hand, so maybe this rinsing wasn't thorough enough?

i've searched the newsgroup on this and only found one thread that turned
into abit of an argument ... any tips appreciated.



North Face Instructions :

My shell jacket will not stay dry anymore. What can I do about it?

All of The North Face Outerwear shell fabrics are treated with a Durable
Water Repellent finish (DWR). This finish helps the shell fabric resist
wetting by causing the water to bead-up so it easily falls off before being
absorbed into the fabric. Additionally, some of our performance fabrics have
a waterproof back finish (such as Gore-Tex® fabrics and HydroSeal®) that
prevents penetration of the water through the fabric. As a garment is worn
and used over time, accumulation of soils from external sources as well as
from your own body can lessen the performance of these finishes.
In order to revive the DWR, the product needs to be thoroughly cleaned with
a powder detergent (do not use a liquid detergent) in a regular washing
machine in warm water. Put the product through two rinse cycles to ensure
that there is no detergent residue, then dry it in a regular clothes dryer
on medium heat. When cleaning your Gore-Tex® jacket, attach all Velcro®
closures and zip all zippers. Finally, the entire outside of the garment
should be touched up with a warm iron on the steam setting.

This process should revive the DWR. For even better performance, treat your
product with a coating of a DWR spray such as Tectron®. This maintenance
program is only required when water stops beading up on the outer surface of
the fabric.

If you any additional questions, please call us at 800-447-2333 or W.L. Gore
& Associates Customer Service at 800-431-GORE.