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Default About Scott never showing up in Santa Fe ...

On Sun, 22 Jul 2018 18:58:47 -0700 (PDT), Scott Abraham

Busted lying again. You freaks ran my record many times and lied
your asses off, as you just did.

You got at least three DUIs, maybe more.

When busted lying, double down. Not to mention that unlike you, my
last one was 33 years or so ago. Been so long I forget.

Because your brain is half dead.

Hey, have you gotten your license back yet?

I have all kinds of licenses. Want to see my concealed carry

You couldn't even show an Amazon Prime membership card.

Ain't dumb enough to pay for prime. Obviously, you are.

I don't pay for Amazon Prime. I get it for free.

You're a great advertisement.

I'm a great advertisement for truth, justice, and the American way.

Exactly. Everything you are not.

Everything *You're* not. You're just a cokehead loser, who owns
nothing. Has no job, no future, no friends, nothing. Do us all a
favor and suck on a gun barrel. I'll even provide the bullets.


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