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Default About Scott never showing up in Santa Fe ...

On Thu, 12 Jul 2018 20:48:48 -0700 (PDT), Scott Abraham

Pics or it doesn't exist?

Simple statement. Show us a pic of you sitting on your BMW, rusty
brick, or it doesn't exist. You got nothing.

Sure. Right after you provide a verifiable ID including address.

Which ID? Driver's license? Passport? Retired military ID? Work ID?
Student ID? How about my HOG, (Harley Owner's Group) gold membership
card? My VFW gold membership card is on my flickr page for everyone
to see.

You couldn't even show an Amazon Prime membership card.

Just rode the brick down to Tacoma today,

Ooh! I'm impressed. Your rusty brick made it ten miles. Did You go
past Ft. Lewis?

had lunch with a multimillionaire AA buddy and hit my

Sure you did.

favorite glove manufacturer for a new pair of summer
goatskin gloves.

Sure you did. Am I suppossed to be impressed? Harvard's motto is,
"Even our dropouts are billionaires." (Also, "No more Kennedys.")

I have ten times more golf gloves than you have biker gloves.


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