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Default About Scott never showing up in Santa Fe ...

On Thu, 12 Jul 2018 20:43:59 -0700 (PDT), Scott Abraham

On Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 3:36:44 PM UTC-7, Harvard Horvath wrote:
On Thu, 12 Jul 2018 10:08:28 -0700 (PDT), Scott Abraham

Cherry. Low miles. Hell, I could sell it today for three times what I paid for it.

You probably never paid for it. Where did you get the money? You
have no job and no education. You ducked the question when you said
you have two degrees and I asked where at.

Harvard and Juilliard.

You don't even know where those schools are at. You don't even have
the credentials to work there, cleaning toilets.

Lovely bike. Just needed some TLC and a battery.

And you don't have any of that.


A typical Trunky

That BMW would leave your dumbass Harleys eating my exhaust.

Another lie, Trunky. I have an XR1000. That stands for,
"Experimental Racer." It was a re-do on the old Cafe Racer. On a bad
day it will from from zero to 100mph in about 3.5 seconds, uphill.

Bull****. You have a little model and you fart to make Harley sounds.

Wanna bet? I think I have a pic of it on my flickr page. And I can
put the title in my scanner and send you a copy as proof.

DO IT!!!!! Bluff called, dumb****. Of course, I am certain
you have some of that pigeon **** white out you used to
cover up your rank badges. Verifiable name and ID, full name and address

I don't at the same place that the title says. So why bother? You
would claim it was a fake.

That means you have no money. Only lies.

Hey, Huggies, got a question for you.

I'm surprised your tiny brain can think of one.

You Harley dumb****s tend to deck yourself out in grossly
overpriced Harley gear.

I don't have any. Not even a Harley T-shirt.

Bull****. You're too much of a poseur to resist.

It's TWOO, Trunky. Whenever someone doesn't fit the profile, you
claim it's bull****. But not everyone lives in that dream world of

Jackets, boots (bet you have a pair of assless chaps), gloves, etc.

I'll take that bet. $1000. BTW, are you jealous of those guys who
wear assless chaps?

Why would I be? Damn things are silly, I gave mine away years ago.

Now I know you're lying. You never give away anything, not even ski
pants with the crotch ripped out.

I'm betting you have an official leather Harley diaper bag, complete
with tassles, embossed with your name. "Huggies".

I'll take that bet. Name your price.

Done. Provide your real name and location, and I will come and visit.

Sure you will. You've never been east of Tacoma in your life.
Just tell me when you're going to be in Detroit, and I'll meet you

BTW, I looked up that bike you claim you have.

Sure you did.

My Beemer would blow it off the road.

Sure it would.

Better handling, higher top end, etc. Dumb****.

Pure Trunky fantasies. You live in a fantasy world. Best job, best
education, best bikes.

The truth is that you bought a junk bike that doesn't run, and paid
for it with money you don't have. And in six months when it gets
repossessed you'll tell us that you sold it for five times what you


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