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Gene Goldenfeld
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"Booker C. Bense" wrote:

_ IMHO, they are far more suitable for BC/ungroomed use than on
groomed trails. There is no free lunch in ski design, in general
a ski that turns better is going to be slower for kick'n'glide
and potentially a lot slower in the tracks. There is a lot of
range in this kind of ski, from some that might work okay in
tracks to some that never will.

In the skate lanes as well. It's reported from a variety of sources
with good knowledge that the skate cuts are slower and Fischer knew that
all along. Granted that there's an issue of absolute and relative speed
depending on the skier's ability and the course, on the WC circuit
skiers demanded 'straight cuts,' the ones with the white lettering you
can find in the US apparently at only a couple of shops, Gear West and
Finn Sisu.