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Does this mean you can avoid paying the $20 for Google Earth Plus?

The 3D view allows you to get a good idea of ho the Ski resorts relate
to one another and how the mountain paths (for summer walks) can be
used. For example it is very straightforward to see the off piste route
from Tignes to Champagny.

I have been unable to work out how to take tracks traced on Google Earth
and import them into a GPS receiver as waypoints etc.

Though it uses map data as opposed to remote sensed data, IGN in France
does digital maps that link to GPS (these are georectified scanned
copies of the 1:25000 maps). The British company, memory map, claims to
offer similar; plus 3D fly thoughs and higher resolution aerial
photography in its premier edition. I have not tested the Alps version,
but I like the one for the UK, especially the cross section profiles and
the ability to see how much 'vertical' you have done in a day.

If anyone has some more experience of this software for skiing I would
like to read about it.


Walter Wright wrote:
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Has anyone tried google earth to vie a ski area yet?

I carry a Garmin GPS with me while skiing. Amongst other things it records a
daily "track" of where I've been. On returning home I can upload these
tracks into Mapsource (a program that manages Garmin maps, waypoints, tracks
etc.) and view the tracks on a map. With the latest Mapsource there is an
option to "View in Google Earth" which launches GE then displays the tracks
in the appropriate place. You can then use GE to replay the tracks as a
"fly-by". Its quite neat although all of my tracks are in the French Alps
which are still very low resolution, and the GE images were taken in the
summer so there's not much snow about either. You get a pretty accurate idea
of the terrain though, especially if you exaggerate it a little in the
Options page (multiply by about 1.5 looks quite good).

The Andorra images look really great!