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but I wouldn't want to spend too much time there for on piste
skiing. Part of the problem is the clientele that the resort attracts. I
spent too long standing in queues surrounded by fur clad, loud speaking,
americans, discussing their recent investments, corporate takeovers,
paychecks, tax bills, filmshoots etc etc.

So, 2 short visits and diss the resort for some encounter with some bankers.
I'm lucky enough to have not encountered such people, although there are the
usual southern Brit hoorays as in any decent resort, and I've been to
Zermatt loads of times. Good town, good skiing on + off piste and some half
decent improvements over the past few seasons. Queues are long if you choose
them but plenty of alternatives once you know the resort. Klein Matterhorn
glacier area + Cervinia really only need to ski for a day or two,and, if
snow is good, happy to stay on Zermatt local pass. Reasonable hotels do
exist, check out the tourist website and reasonable places to eat (for a top
Swiss resort). Oh, and the scenary IS superb. HTH Mike