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Sven wrote:

Anyway, I just ordered some new skis and plan to move the old bindings
over since the old boots (pjaxor) are still in great shape and we have
no desire to get rid of them.

The question is where I can find instructions on how to drill the holes
for the bindings and what glue to use for the plastic foot-pads. The
bindings are TROLL NN, 75 mm, 3-pin.

_ It's pretty straightforward. The first choice to make is

"Pins on balance point" or "Pins on chord center".

For Kodiak type skis I think pins on balance point is the way to
go. This is the line on which the ski will balance (i.e. 50 %
of the weight on one side, 50% on the other ). On many skis this
point is the same as chord center. The article covers the basics
of drilling and glueing.

_ I'd encourage you to use marine epoxy, MarineTex is great
if a bit expensive. The thing to remember with Epoxy is that
"less is more", use the least amount of epoxy you can. I
generally put a q-tip sized dollop on the screw. The ski
techs in the shop will tell you that epoxy is overkill and
scare you with "melting core" stories. They generally use
a good quality waterproof wood glue. This works reasonably
well, and if you have it handy is probably just as good.
Wood glues have improved greatly over the years.

_ I've been mounting XC bindings on my own skis for 30 years
and I've never had an epoxy mount come loose or damage my ski.
It is possible to mess things up if you use too much epoxy
and epoxy is much more expensive, so I can see why shops have
switched over to wood glue.

_ Booker C. Bense

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