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Default RFD: create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.skiing

"David Mahon" wrote in message
In article , Ian Spare


Here is the charter for RS

For discussion of ski and snowboard resorts in Europe. Discussion of

pros and cons of different resorts in Europe and the snow conditions

the different resorts in Europe would be suitable for this group.

areas that might be suitable for this group: lodging facilities,

of runs, accessibility of ski resorts in Europe. Europe is a
multi-cultural, multi-langauge area. This creates problems of a

sort. This group will have no designated language. The language a
poster desires to post in is appropriate. However, to make this work

multilingual people may desire to interrupt for the people that do not
understand the poster's language of choice.

This is very different to the proposed charter for uk.rec.skiing.

This has probably been discussed already, but traffic through rsre is
quite light, and I doubt that this has anything to do with its charter.
As David said a similar attempt in France was totally unsuccessful. It
would make more sense to amend the charter for rsre than to effectively
double up on ngs for a pretty limited readership.