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Bunter wrote:
A friend and I are considering a ski holiday around Lake Tahoe early 2009.
We normally hire a car and try to take in the major resorts in the area we
visit, and have taken good advice offered by this group in the past, skiing
Powder Mountain, Snow Basin, Park City, The Canyons and Deer Valley and
especially Alta.
We'd like some advice on where it would be best to be based to be able to
ski the major local resorts inside 10 days.

I've only been there once myself, but I think the best advice is to
concentrate on either the north end or the south end of the lake.
Trying to hit everything in one trip from one location will require a
lot of driving.

For instance, since you can't drive around the southwest side of the
lake in the winter, getting from Alpine Meadows (9 o'clock) to Heavenly
(6 o'clock) requires driving around the long way. And Kirkwood is
farther than it looks on the map.

Here's a good map:

The south end has Heavenly, Kirkwood and Sierra at Tahoe. It also has
the most nightlife with the casinos etc. There are more resorts at the
north end, but most are smaller. Squaw and Northstar are the only two
with appreciable slopeside accomodations.

We stayed in Incline Village and had good access to Diamond Peak, Alpine
Meadows, and Northstar. The Sugar Bowl was a bit of a drive, but not
too bad. We probably could have hit Heavenly from there too. I don't
think you're going to find a location where it makes sense to drive to,
say, both Kirkwood and Squaw. If you really want to hit both, think
about doing 5 days at the north end, and then relocating to another
hotel/condo at the south end for another 5 days.