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On 18/09/2014 08:11, Jérémy wrote:
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Wot he said. Used crampons on snopboard boots a few times, with no
issues at all.

Switters and I used them when we went he
45.832029,6.871862&spn=0.023862,0.038409&sll=52.83 82,-2.327815&sspn=1
0. 601787,19.665527&oq=mont+bla&hnear=Mont+Blanc&t=m& z=15

You walked up Mont Blanc in snowboard boots?!

Only as far as the helicopter.

.... was the answer I was trying to provoke.

A distant memory has resurfaced. The first time I climbed Mt. Blanc, in
1980, I spent 36 hours sitting out a storm in the Vallot hut. Also
present, among many other people, was a party of Germans wearing those
orange tent-shaped waterproofs we called sailing smocks, and ski boots.
I didn't ski in those days, and didn't look closely at them, but I
expect they were back-loaders. Can't have been more comfortable than
modern snowboard boots, certainly, and they climbed up the ridge on the
Gouter in them.