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Norman wrote:
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On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 11:38:42 GMT, "Norman"


Speeds of up to 100mph are recorded on some of the faster Downhill
events on the World Cup circuit, so I'd suspect that your readout was
correct and that your friend was misinformed.

Excellent. I'll forward this to him in that case.


Don't attempt to match him heading home from the Mooserwirt after closing!

I won't. He hasn't had a drop for ten years. He does get through some skunk
though which I thought might help my skiing on a particurlarly steep red so
gave it a go. I just lay down beside the piste and slept for an hour. He
later told me it was called Coma.

All previous attempts to keep up with him have ended in spectacular spills.
The only thing that saves me is that he's totally unfit and has to stop
every few minutes so we usually get to the bottom within about 30 secs of
each other as I'm only semi-unfit.