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Default Why Is Austria Skiing Dirt Cheap For USA Right Now?

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 12:13:37 +0100, "MoonMan"


Bottom posting is a pain! it is a remnant of using teletypes. Why can't we
move with the technology?

Because it is NOTHING to do with teletypes.

Bottom posting is the norm because that is the way we read.

I only bottom post, because if you don't you get shouted at. If people
snipped irrelevant text it would not be such a problem, but they don't and I
get ****ed off by having to scroll down through reams of stuff I have read
before to find a 1 line silly comment at the bottom. if it was top posted
life would be much simpler!

Only if you are not interested in the context.

I quite agree that there are too many people who don't snip properly,
but that is actually seen more in top posters than bottom.

If you are actually interested in the context, then top posting is
*much* harder to read, because you have to skip backwards and

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