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Default Good Speed Board?

Thanks Mike, I rode a 151 Never Summer EVO for all of my Alpine races and
BoarderX. It was Ok but has a little to much "pop" for BoarderX, and is

(maybe) wide and not fast or stable enough for Alpine racing . My other
freestyle boards are a 148 Option and a 141 Ride. These are way to light
for racing. What is a good Boarder X board? Palmer? Burton, Volkl? My

are a size 91/2 or 10 mens. I am 5ft. 4 inches tall. What are the model
names? Thanks alot!

As far as I know Burton doesn't make any Boarder X boards. I've never
ridden a Palmer so I can't tell you much about them.

Voelkl makes the Downhell, not sure if there's anything in your size. F2
makes the Eliminator, again not sure what's in your size.

You might look at the Donek Incline, in the 150. My wife is heavier than
you are but two inches shorter and she rides the 150. It's very, very
stable. It would probably be a tad stiff at 100 pounds but it would still
be useful at 120-130 pounds. (My wife is in that range, and if she did BX,
it would be on her 150)

Or maybe something like a shorter Salomon Forecast.

You have full size feet, and a body that's still got some growing to do,
which is going to severely limit your selection. Most of the faster boards
that are appropriate for your foot size will be too stiff to turn hard.
They might work for GS but not SL or BX. Most of the fast boards with the
right flex - if they exist at all - will be too narrow. If you go to hard
boots, you might, believe it or not, find a better selection.... and it
would all be discontinued stuiff like Burton FP, that could be had cheap if
you know where to look. (If you ever do decide to go that route, go to's classifieds, put up a WANTED ad, and I'm sure boards
will start popping out of the woodwork)

Don't forget, one you get to the next age group most of the others will have
separate boards for SL, GS and BX.