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Default Good Speed Board?

I guess that it's because I can't afford it. I have three freestyle boards
now. I just want to throw my LeBlancs on this board and have at it to see
where I stand, before commmitting to a hard boot set-up. I ended up in a
fairly decent standing last year using my EVO freestyle board. I Qualified
to go to Nationals in Boardercross (Wildcards in S & GS) but did not attend
nationals. I want to rip faster this year so I can Qualify in all events so
I can go to Nationals this year. The kids my age, 13, do not have an
atvantage with the hardboot-board setup. I beat them on my freestyle board
which is too soft. So any suggestions on a great! speedy board? Thanks!
"Mike T" wrote in message
Can anyone help? I am looking for a good board for Slalom & Giant Slalom
events (USASA). I am not interested in a hard boot set-up. Soft boot

What's a good stable & speedy board for this that turns on a dime? Any
suggestions? I only weigh 100lbs. I am mostly a park rider so this is

to me. Thanks!

I'm curious - why are you not interested in a hard boot setup? That's
generally the weapon of choice for SL and GS.

Mike T