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Default How to remove Salomon SNS Profil binding?

On Monday, February 9, 2009 at 4:07:01 PM UTC-5, jeff potter wrote:
I have a set of skis with the Salomon SNS Profil manual bindings on
them. Skate model.

What's a good way to remove them?

I see what looks like a plug at the rear of the heel plate but they're
not easily removed. I can keep trying.

I've removed the rubber bumpers. The plastic "S" snap-cover in the
front-center of the binding, over the front-center screw, doesn't seem
to want to come off. Do I just work a screwdriver under the front edge

How do I expose the 2 side-screws? I don't see how to release the
"bail" so that it can flip out of the way.

Help? Links?

Thanks, JP

This is how I removed my Saloman Profil SNS Alpine cross country ski bindings. I popped off the rear (heel) plastic white cap (3/8" diameter) with a Swiss knife blade and removed the screw below it, I used a number 2 (red) Robertson bit (Canada). Slide the white plate to the rear and off exposing the next screw, remove it and slide off the 2nd white plate to the rear exposing 2 edge (side) screws. Remove them. Next the front (black plastic cap) needs to come off to expose the final screw that holds down the binding for the toe of the boot. Press all the way down on the square release button, hold it down while inserting a flat screwdriver between the black cap and the blue plastic that houses the orange rubber toe bumper. The blue cap should pop up and hinge toward the front of the ski exposing the last screw to be removed.