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Default Mixed difficulty slopes on a budget

Ede wrote:

A small group of us are heading over to Europe (from New Zealand) at
thestart of next year (February) and are looking for a place to go
skiingfor a week that will cater for people in the group that are new
toskiing, so offers beginners lessons as well as having black runs
thatwill challenge the more experienced members of our group so that
theywont get bored.

We are quite happy to be anywhere in Europe.

All of us are students so budgets aren't that flexible but would belooking
for a place where accommodation is around •20-25 per person pernight (no
idea if that's possible), and has easy access to the skislopes as we will
be reliant on public transport.

Does such a place exist? Any help would be greatly appreciated-- Ede

School holiday time, and so expensive time, but try Bareges/La Mongie
and St Lary-Soulan, both in the French Pyrenees.

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