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Default When it's not your time to die

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:53:33 +0000,
(The Older Gentleman) wrote:

It didn't slide. It rolled. Snow-sky-snow-sky-snow-sky-snow-sky and by
the grace of God she still had her helmet and goggles on as her face was
being mashed into the snow on every revolution.

Must've been the worst feeling in the world, strapped in with no
control. Are one's arms even free in those things?

It came to a halt 10 feet from the edge of a precipice. The rescue bods
caught up "looking shocked". I bet they did. They must have thought: "Oh
well, we're not going to get that one back."

Well, quite. Hundreds of Euros' worth of kit.

Seriously though, very glad it didn't end in disaster.