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Default Typical snowboard speeds down a slope...

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On Wednesday, October 9, 2002 at 9:55:30 AM UTC-7, Sam wrote:
Does anybody here have a good feel for how fast a board will get
going down a slope? Sometimes I feel like I'm going pretty good
(from the wind noise) but it's hard to judge. Maybe up to 40-45 mph?


57 mph on a 168cm board using one of the ski tracker apps. I normally
rides 162-168 and pass pretty much everyone on the hills

Late reply but yes, 40-45 would be common on a blue groomed run for an
advanced intermediate. Speeds in the mid 50s are possible in good
conditions by better riders.

The tracking apps are only as good as your GPS and error bars do not appear
to be a thing, though should be (if you have the option, look at the track
it displays and compare to your memory of the run)

Unless you plan to ride hard boots and compete in GS, urge you not to get
too caught up in speeds/times. It is easy to push a bit too hard for a new
'best' and wrecks at high speeds are no fun. At the least, make sure trees
are well away - you can slide pretty far and still with enough speed to
cause severe injury.

Finally - though it may be counter intuitive - carved runs are often at
higher speed than straightline