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Default Case Study: Scott Spittle Abraham

On 01/25/2018 09:32 PM, Jay Pique wrote:
I'm working towards getting my PhD in Pysychology and several of my
advisors have suggested I write my dissertation on the most famous
"net kook" (their words) known to date - Scott Abraham. The problem
I'm having is the breadth of material - I'm just not even sure where
to start! My counselors and I spent 4 hours plus an extended lunch -
and then dinner and drinks discussing this poor soul, and I'm still
overwhelmed. Should I focus on Internet Addiction? Misogyny?
Pathological/Compulsive Lying? Exrreme Narcissism? Substance Abuse
(and related mental impairment) Repressed Homosexuality? Gluttony?
Sloth? Envy? Rage? The list goes on and on....and on... Can anyone
help me narrow this down a bit? The department is simply in awe at
both the breadth AND depth of dysfunction displayed by this
individual - they keep tossing around the term "extreme psychological
projection", too, but then claim even *that* doesn't do it justice.
Can the long-time participants here help me identify the major themes
that seems to drive this person/psychopath? Maybe we can start with
a list of his admitted disorders or something... There's just so
much information, and he's just such a fascinating specimen. The
allegations of rape and incest alone are worth a volume's worth of

He claims openly to have been a drinker, so maybe we start with:

1. Alcoholic

I suggest you use the concepts for which there is the most documented
evidence. I'd go with extreme narcissism -- the rest may follow as
sub-categories that express the major pathology. Given that he hates
everyone who disagrees with him, misogyny is just one category -- sort
of like calling somebody a fat pig not because you hate fat people but
because you can use the person's fatness as a weapon against him/her.

Cheers, Bev
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