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Eviel Dewar
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Default So, Two Buddha plays host to a TWIT? The end???

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 1:01:54 AM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:

What a pathetic, lying ****. A true freak, just like the idiot who just quoted her. What was her full name again? Oh, yeah, just another anonymous internet coward lying and defaming and taking cheap shots, twenty years ago. One thing for su it is people like you and her who make the internet a dangerous place for decent people. Not that I have to worry about any of you cowards trying to make it dangerous IRL.
Keep dragging out the golden oldies, freak. This is fascinating. Never cease to be amazed at how much hatred I got from people I exposed as the lying frauds, cowards, pathological liars, stalkers, and nutjobs they are. You know what was really hilarious? This sick **** presumed to try and diagnose me, but was so ****ing stupid she couldn't even spell Psychobabble. Not to mention doing exactly what she accused me of.
Hey, did your buddy Just Pussy manage to recruit this bitch into your private Facebook group?

As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just read this quote:

"If anyone disagrees with you they are dumb and if some one gets offended at your insults they can't take a joke. You are living in a make believe world TB, you seem to be having trouble separating your alter ego from reality.. You call every thing negative about you lies and call others paranoid. It sounds like you are transferring some inner hatred and some serious emotional problems to others"

One thing *has* changed, though - "TB" doesn't stand for "Two Buddha" anymore!

I trust you got a good ass-pounding from the Holy Roman Emperor this past weekend. LOL.