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Default freesurf snowboard circa 1993

greetings fellow rippers,

any of you old-timers out there ever seen or owned a freesurf snowboard? my
buddy and i rented a pair of these '92-93 season and ended up buying them
from the rental shop later that year. i forget which model my buddy got but
it had a real wood topsheet (early predecessor to today's arbors) and was a
159ish.. i now remember he snatched that one up quick, it was the only one
they had. he said he liked the looks of the truly natural wood. i ended up
with a 147 midoka. It's back and gray and has a round yellow stomp pad with
a black star cutout. the base is black with yellow 'warning sign' shapes on
each end...

anyway it turned out to be a great all around board...and i was just
wondering if anyone else remembers this company.