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Eviel Dewar
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Default Scott, all kidding aside, have you visited Bert in the hospital yet?

On Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 1:18:25 AM UTC-4, Scott Abraham wrote:

Truly disgusting. The lengths you will go to trying to get a rise out of me never cease to amaze me. I am delighted that I irritate you so much you google stalk again, wasting your time in a futile attempt to hurt me. What you do is amuse me. Pathetic. As usual. Toothless shark pretty much describes you. Harmless. Powerless. Dickless.

Just trying to remind you that you at least used to like Bert, in the hope that you will do the right thing and give him some support when he needs it.. But it's probably a waste of time, since as we all know you only care about yourself.

Funny, people used to always think that Bert was just using you, but maybe it was you that were using him. Or both of you using each other.