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Gary Jacobson
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Default Big group of Norwegians need help on Birkie 2005 travel

May I recommend that when skiing the Keski that you stay in Ottawa?
I will probably ski that race next year, and like last time stay at the Lord
Elgin Hotel which is near the Rideau Canal (bring your ice skates) and near
the center of the Winterlude Festival.

Don't knwoabout getting from the hotel to the race site- maybe 15 km away, I

Gary Jacobson
Rosendale, NY

"Gene Goldenfeld" wrote in message
Great to hear you are coming!

With a group this large and needs so great, I think it would be a good
idea to call the Birkie office now and talk to the Race Director. She
can probably help you make it work and put you in touch with someone who
handles these sorts of groups. You'll probably need someone in the Twin
Cities or Hayward working as a guide, making all the arrangements in
advance, rather than trying to do it from a distance. The latter is a
recipe for disaster. You'll also want to note that the lowest entry
fees and best chance at good wave seeding are available through June 30
(entries start sometime in April).

There is a very good race bus shuttle from near Cable and from Hayward
to the start area before the race. Hayward to Cable is roughly 20
miles, and then add another 5 or so to the start area. Other traffic is
kept out for a few hours. However, if you have a tour bus, they might
agree to let you through, if arranged in advance. There will be places
along the course that a bus can get to during the week, prior to the
time the course closes, depending on conditions.

Gene Goldenfeld

Lars wrote:

Hi again,
looks like we're a group of fourty from west Norway that will arrive
MN airport next year and to the Birkie. A bigger group is also coming
from east of Norway.

It would be nice if someone could help me with a list of questions
that I have.
Post here og mail me at address lars_vagle at

1. as a group of 40 we would like to charter a bus from thursday to
what agency would you recommend?

2. NWT offers Airport Shuttle transportation to and from Minneapolis
Airport seven days a week. Special charters are available for
How is this shuttle service?
Is Hayward so small we can walk from any lodging to training tracks
and finnish line?

3. Are there shuttle busses from Hayward to Cable the morning of the
who arrange these?

4. How long does it take to drive from Hayward to Cable in the

5. when staying in Hayward, as I've been recommended to do, where
we stay in Hayward?
Is it all a walk from one side to the other, or should we ask for
downtown og near ski tracks?

6. What lodging would you recommend? highest priorities are close to
tracks and finnish line.
Clean double room with private shower. Hotel room size is enough.
ca 75USD per room per night.
I found these links on

We will first do the Keski race so I should prepare a similar
questionlist for that...

Thanks for any help.

mvh Lars Vagle.