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Default When it's not your time to die

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:53:33 +0000, The Older Gentleman wrote:

Just had a call from an old friend. Like us, she went skiing at half-term,
with her daughter. And she took a tumble and (it turned out) did her
cruciate ligaments in one knee.

Anyway, she was very high up at Les Arcs, and for some reason the ski-doo
blood wagon couldn't get to her, or there wasn't one available anyway, so
she was loaded into the old-fashioned stretcher with one rescue bod fore
and one aft. You know the things.

And off they set. "All you can see is sky," she said "because you're
strapped in."

And then there was a loud *CRACK*. That was one of the handles breaking
off, that was. And off went the stretcher, with nobody holding it, and her
still strapped in.

If only 1 handle broke, what was

a) The guy holding with hand 2 ? (assuming 2 per end)
b) The guy at the other end holding ?

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