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Default snow for the Olympics

On Feb 12, 9:12*am, Mike Treseler wrote:
Walt wrote:
Yes, there's less vertical at Cypress, it's not up in the mountains like
Whistler, but it's big enough for a skiercross course. *Snow is another
issue, as lal correctly points out.

There's really no excuse for picking a venue where you have to truck in
snow in February.

Indeed. The base is at 910m above the Sound.
Their annual snow totals look good,
but they don't mention the annual rain totals.

Hey, have any of you idiots trashing that poor hill ever skied it?
I thought not. Probably only Wack Job Baker and I have done so, and I
had a free ticket. Night skied it one time on the way to Whistler,
and outside of SLC, there is not a more convenient ski venue next to a
major population center.
Advantages: they usually have a hundred inch base or so in Febuary.
Weird snow year. That's the breaks. Indeed, there is hardly any
snowmaking because there is normally a ****load of snow. STFU. They
will make it work, I know a few people in management and they are the
best in the business.
Half hour from Van. Half hour from Van. Spectacular views. Granted,
it's a pimple, but as usual, LAL shows his blowhard ignorance by
stating the place is on the flats, or bitching about the rain: as I
recall, Tahoe is quite low compared to the Rockies, and gets rained on
Turned out to be an El Nino year. Snoqualmie outside of Seattle is at
a similar elevation and is having similar snow problems. Last year,
there would have been no bitching whatsoever and everybody would have
been talking about how cool it was to have skiing events so close to
the center of the action, with so much room for lots of visitors.
Including Brain Fried Bob Thompson.
They might come to regret that.

You only need a couple hundred feet of vertical for the new fangled
events, anyhow.