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Default Hot new XC culture book! --NOW AVAILABLE!

Here's a new XC ski culture book, hot off the press, in time for the
first snow of the real winter!

Check it out at:

Andy Liebner is a fast young Alaskan who went from top junior and
collegiate results (NMU!) to signing up for the military the day after
9-11 to then racing in Europe and around the world to see how far he
could go in XC ski racing and biathlon. He had many surprising
adventures along the way and learned a huge amount about what it means
to go it alone. Breakthroughs and frustrations alike abound in his
story. You won't believe it. The barriers were ENDLESS and only got
BIGGER, yet Andy persevered. The finale is fascinating with major

Yes, this is shameless promotion, but, heck, it's relevant, a rare
occasion, and... why wait 'til you see it in a shop or bookstore?

This is the only new XC ski culture book on the market. And the only
book to come out since Pete Vordenberg's "Momentum," which I
published. I didn't publish this one, but I helped -- and it's been
fun helping the very energetic Andy.

--Jeff Potter