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Default Skate skis vs classic skis?

I have skijored with a good solid 110 pound husky/lab mix and let me tell
you SKATING is the way to go.
If you have a solid strong and fast dog, you can barely even keep up even if
you are a GOOD skater. When my dog was in his prime we could seriously
crank out a solid 4 minute mile if I was skating on good well groomed solid
terrain. In fact, i'd NOT use poles even. I just hang on to the rope and
go like hell. By simply holding on to the rope you can let up or pull back
to keep it tight and keep your balance and cornering is no problem. Get
some cheap skate skis, drop the poles, and go !!


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Did you do a google search for skijoring clubs to ask? Here's one

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Novice level skiier here, wondering about the differences between
skate skis vs. classic skis.

I've only ever had classic skis and have recently taken up the sport
of skijorijng (my dogs run in harness in front and pull me while I ski
- or try to ski - behind). With classic skis, I find it's too hard to
ski classic-style at the higher speed we travel at with the dogs
pulling, so I end up only poling, and corners are very tricky. My
understanding is that ideally in skijoring you're supposed to skate
ski, but this seems hard to do on classic skiis while being pulled at

Do skate skiis offer more control for higher speed turns? Are they
more effective for snowplowing to stop? Are they less likely to get
"caught" in the occasional deeper patches of snow?

I'm very appreciative of any advice/tips anyone can offer on this