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Default Skate skis vs classic skis?

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Oskar K wrote:
I think maybe you should get tour skis? a bit wider and sometimes with
steel edges so that plowing will be easier. Tehy will float a little
bit better ontop of the snow too. The only downside is that they weight
more than normal skis

Steel-edged skis are a mixed blessing when skijoring. The
first thing to know is that they're not legal in races, but
aside from that, if you're not a very proficient skier you
run the risk of causing really serious injury (deep gashes
on the leg, severed tendons, and whatnot) if you hit the dog,
which is why they're not legal. On the other hand, the
short backcountry skis turn more easily, stop more easily,
and are awfully slow, which can be advantageous if, again,
you're not a very proficient skier.

I think the ticket if you're serious about skijoring is to
go to a Nordic centre, take some lessons, and start
skating. Also, there's a big skijoring camp at the end of
the month in Lake Placid, and it will include ski lessons
and coaching in addition to skijor-specific sessions. I
think registration may have just closed but it never hurts
to ask. .
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